Ticia Verveer

@ticiaverveer Nov. 12, 2018 1 min read

This is the 2,600 year old 'Flood Tablet' from the Library of Ashurbanipal. The cuneiform text is the 11th Tablet of the Epic of Gilgamesh and tells a story similar to Noah’s Ark. The tablet caused a sensation when its content was first read in the 19th century.

It tells how the gods determined to send a flood to destroy the earth, but one of them, Ea, revealed the plan to Utu-napishtim whom he instructed to make a boat in which to save himself and his family. He orders him to take into it birds and beasts of all kinds.
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@SwiftOnSecurity Nov. 10, 2018 2 min read

I think about this a lot, both in IT and civil infrastructure. It looks so trivial to “fix” from the outside. In fact, it is incredibly draining to do the entirely crushing work of real policy changes internally. It’s harder than drafting a blank page of how the world should be.

I’m at a sort of career crisis point. In my job before, three people could contain the entire complexity of a nation-wide company’s IT infrastructure in their head. Once you move above that mark, it becomes exponentially, far and away beyond anything I dreamed, more difficult.
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Elisheva Avital

@ElishevaAvital Nov. 09, 2018 1 min read

Today is the 80th anniversary of #Kristallnacht. A personal story: My grandfather fought in WWII. He never spoke about it, so we didnt know much about his time in the service, but based on the patches on his uniform, we think he did something in intel.

The next part takes place two years ago. He died, and I'm cleaning out his house with my mom and sister. We find a photo album. When I open it, I feel like it might burn a hole in my hands.
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Daniel Swain

@Weather_West Nov. 10, 2018 4 min read

If Northern California had received anywhere near the typical amount of autumn precipitation this year (around 4-5 in. of rain near #CampFire point of origin), explosive fire behavior & stunning tragedy in #Paradise would almost certainly not have occurred. (1/n) #CAfire #CAwx

Rainy season has started late this year in California...again. While autumn precipitation isn't usually huge fraction of overall annual average, it's hugely important to ecosystems & in bringing "fire season-ending" moisture. This yr, autumn precip was <20-30% of avg. #CAwx (2/n)
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Amanda Marcotte

@AmandaMarcotte Nov. 08, 2018 3 min read

No one actually believes Jim Acosta did anything wrong. This is one of those situations where conservatives collectively pretend to believe something they don’t believe. Pretending to believe something they don’t believe serves multiple purposes.

One, it signals tribal loyalty. Being willing to say blatantly false things shows you put tribe over truth, and that is a critical loyalty test, as anyone who has studied cults can tell you.
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Edwin Hayward

@uk_domain_names Nov. 10, 2018 8 min read

Ok, it's high time for a "real effects of Brexit" thread to counter Project Fear. (Note: some of the company changes described here are paper exercises i.e. few or no staff are involved. There may however be tax consequences if a company is no longer domiciled in the UK.) 1/50

Steris PLC, a company with $2.6 billion in annual revenue, is planning to redomicile from the UK to Ireland due to Brexit. What that means is that, as an Irish company, the Irish tax authorities will collect its taxes going forward and not HMRC. 2/50
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Vulture Voucher

@Smatterbrain Nov. 09, 2018 2 min read

When most people think of vultures, they think of them as gross and ugly, but they are astoundingly beautiful birds that play such an important role in maintaining the health of an ecosystem.

Vultures can consume carcasses infected with cholera, botulism, rabies, and anthrax and their powerful stomachs completely neutralize these deadly diseases from the environment and also do not act as vectors for them, feats that other scavengers are unable to do.
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