My fear is this -- once Google has control of the web, they can turn off huge parts of it for whatever reason, however thoughtless and without disclosing why. They might say they would never do it, but I've seen them do it with Google Reader.

Their intentions might be fine and it might not be on their roadmap, but capturing RSS and then shutting it off probably wasn't on their roadmap either, until they decided to do it. Then it was on their roadmap. ;-)
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Sarah Taber


In a minute. So, taking it that you said you live in Arizona and "your family has a farm in Chihuahua," a quick congratulations are in order. You're an absentee landowner! You're right at the peak of farming's social pyramid. Living the dream.

So you probably don't participate in the day-to-day management, you just collect checks. Pretty common situation for absentee landlords. From that distance, it's understandable that you have a poor grasp on water, land, & how they play out in various types of agriculture.
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Tuur Demeester


1/ At age 18 I enrolled in an elementary school teacher training program. After my first internship in front of a class, the pedagogue implored me to give up on becoming a teacher, arguing my instruction methods were "horrific" and my public speaking skills were "terrible".

2/ I had bad social anxiety at the time. I'm pretty sure it took me 4 years before I attempted public speaking again - an occasion where I didn't have money to pay for a conference. I submitted a paper and in return for presenting it, they gave me a free ticket.
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Man I was talking to these two brothers at the court today. It disgusts me how easily dudes bash black women in casual conversation. I know they thought I was a dick for calling them out on it but I'll just have to be that today.

It started off with me talking about how I was gonna leave the court early to go have lunch with my wife. They made a joke about me leaving. And I made a joke about not wanting to spend my lunch with a bunch of stinking sweaty dudes at the Y. Typical joking.
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Ronald Langeveld


Labour ⚒ unions are planning to shutdown the electricity tonight or tomorrow should Eskom not give them the 15% increase. This is what a complete nationwide blackout would mean:

1) No running water. 💧 🚽 2) No communication networks ☎️ 3) And yes, no internet 📱 4) Sorry you can't fill up your car or generators⛽️ 5) No ATM's will work, No credit cards will function. 💰 6) You probably can't buy anything. 🙀
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