The Magdalene is of Bajor


"There are two genders" is the Newtonian physics of human sexuality: it works most of the time but it's not the whole picture. It's pretty adequate for most people's needs but doesn't stand up to scrutiny and is riddled with so many exceptions as to be obviously untrue.

And I think that's where most people get tripped up: Newtonian gender *works* 90% percent of the time and is all most people have ever knowingly encountered. How can you say gender is more complicated? Well...because we've seen some weird shit out there that theory can't explain.
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Pete North


1. So this should be easy. Reasons why John Redwood is a mendacious shitbird. He thinks we can leave the EU on WTO terms. No serious person believes this.

2. He thinks the main benefit of Brexit is deregulation despite there being zero economic utility in it. Having gone to the expense of re-fitting to meet single market rules the last thing SMEs who remember the hassle of the 90's want is to do it all again for less market access.
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Amy Webb


1 - My dad is in the hospital, again, for the third time in four weeks. The reason? Various "problems" diagnosed by various specialists. Here's my diagnosis: the guys is on 14 different medications, prescribed by 4 different doctors, who aren't looking at the bigger picture.

2 - Somehow in America, this is what we've allowed to happen: • The standard of care has been to forego rigorous discovery--determining why, specifically, someone is sick--for piling on more meds. (Argue with me all you want, but show me evidence I'm wrong.)
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