Vitalik Non-giver of Ether


1. Today I am going to make a tweet storm explaining the history and state of Ethereum's Casper research, including the FFG vs CBC wars, the hybrid => full switch, the role of randomness, mechanism design issues, and more.

2. Ethereum proof of stake research began in Jan 2014 with Slasher ( Though the algorithm is highly suboptimal, it introduced some important ideas, most particularly the use of penalties to solve the nothing at stake problem (
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Cruiskeen Lawnmower Deth


When the first Atlas Shrugged film came out they asked for fans to say "I am john galt" to add to a dvd extra. The results are some of the best, most strange youtube videos you'll ever see

The tragedy is that I never saved them and most have been deleted from Youtube. I'm looking at the listicle of the weirdest ones I could find that I pitched/sent to the awl but never got published, 70% of the links are dead (the title of this one is 20110414193340(1).wmv)
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Andrew Chen


1/ A few years ago a ton of โ€œUber for Xโ€ startups got funded, but very few of them - maybe none? - worked out. It sounds good but ultimately most failed on the supply side. Letโ€™s explore why.

2/ Rideshare is special. Acquiring a broad base of labor for driving is expensive, often $300+. But then they can get requests all day. You can work 20 hours and even 50 hours a week if you want. You continually need the driver app to find new customers
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Paul Guyot


What follows is true. August 15, 2018. DTLA. So, this guy is walking down the street. A rumpled, stained, fast food uniform. Obviously just off a long day of serving ungrateful, hurried guests. But he knows self-care. He's got himself an ice cream cone.

And he is in a state of nirvana. He's enjoying this (I'm sure well deserved) ice cream cone like it's the last one he's ever gonna have. He is focused. No one has ever been this focused, except maybe Carlos Hathcock.
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