Engineer Kansara


The young mountain felt suddenly old looking down at a young human walking and trekking along the icy slopes. His feet dispersed the powdery snow that rose up like smoke. His gloved hands held an iPhone with which he took a picture of the young mountain. His mind did nothing. 1/

"Oh come on! Take your bloody finger off the lens!" shouted the mountain in the language of the wind. The picture came out all grey because of the gloved finger. The young man looked at the picture and grinned. "What an idiot!" exclaimed the mountain, and felt even older. 2/
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Kay Kirkpatrick PhD


7 years ago I began this job--and one of the worst years of my life. By the numbers: 1 ER visit, teaching 4 days/wk, 11 talks, 1 emergency surgery, 2 research trips, 1 regular surgery, 1 proposal, 5 papers out, & no "real" research done in spite of or because of the preceding.

That was the beginning of my #TenureTrackTrauma (hashtagging this so you can mute it if necessary, because part of my TTT was hearing someone else's TTT without my consent)
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