Max Berger


This is a horrifying day to be a Jew. We dishonor our ancestors who yearned to be free for generations when our freedom comes at the expense of another people. If we are to be free, the Palestinian people must be free as well. Those who deny their freedom deny ours as well.

It is a profoundly tragic irony that nudniks like Netanyahu and Kushner have taken responsibility for Jewish liberation. The hateful zealots that speak on behalf of Jews in the US and Israel have fallen prey to the same ideologies that have been used in the past to destroy us.
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Jimmy Song (송재준)


1/ Some thoughts on what went on today. First, as much as I complain about these conferences, it's really great to see people that I haven't seen in a while. The beauty of a big conference like this is that you can go hang out with people you want to hang out with.

2/ I really wish consensus was a bit better organized, though, as the wait in line was just absolutely insane. So many people ended up waiting for over an hour to get their badge. They desperately needed more staff today.
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Corrine McConnaughy


Ugh. Ok. Let me try this from an actual human who knows social science point of view. I grew up with working class parents in a conservative town in Ohio. I’m a political scientist. I am married to a black man from the rural South. Currently reside just outside DC. Context! 1/

Um, so, regular people from the middle of the country are probably right when they pick any political figure and call them a terrible person. Any of them. Either party. Strategic elites violate good person norms. 2/
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Rand Fishkin


Doc Searls' piece: has been getting a lot of attention. Some thoughts: 1) Adtech is a space in which a lot of companies actually make money. To be a "bubble," it would need to have a higher-than-normal % of firms that raised lots & never became profitable.

2) AdTech has enabled some fraudulent advertising, but that's not the core feature. The core is more effective, targeted, personalized ads that are easier to buy/sell/scale. GDPR won't kill that. Will some providers need to jump through more hoops? Sure. But it's here to stay.
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1/ How to GROW A COMMUNITY, a THREAD: As an illustration, there are a few ways people define open source. By the license: "yes, we can see the code". By process: "yes, anyone can contribute". By the community: "yes, it's built by all of us".

2/ QUALITY OF MISSION. You need a goal that's brilliant and insane and simple enough to get people out of bed in the morning. Your community has to attract the very best people and that demands something special.
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ted, always tired


I think it’s worth mentioning with all the retirement talk going around that the very idea that everyday people could save up their own money to retire was basically unthinkable until the (very unevenly distributed) post-WWII boom.

Pensions were not a widespread thing until the 1940s (civil seevice pensions started in the 1920s). The 401(k) started in 1978 and then subsequently replaced many pensions in the 1980s - 1990s. Almost every retirement financial instrument didn’t exist before the 1950s.
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